Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Joseph's Coat Quilt-along: Template Help File

I've gotten a few recent comments from individuals trying to join the JCQA (Joseph's Coat Quilt-along.) It seems some of you are having trouble downloading the jpg template file. Now it would be easier for me to email you directly but some of you still have your email settings turned off on blogger, so I can't email you back! I just hope you somehow happen to read this post.

1)First Click on the picture of the template found in this post here.

2)You will then be re-directed to media fire. Click here:
3)You will then be taken to the following page. Click here:

4)A pop up window will prompt you to save or open file. Make sure "save file" is selected. (your computer will then save it to your default location which is usually under my documents, my downloads.) Then click "ok"
5) Now press "back" on your web browser and follow the same steps for the petal template.
I hope this helps!!


Desi said...

I can not get the link to work. Get an error message. ?? :(

Desi said...

err I just went back to Jan and went to the original post and downloaded it! Thanks!! Not sure why the linkie is not working though.